Capture Texture Feeds



Crescent Sun allows you to capture texture with native support for many Capture Cards, Spout, and NDI.



First, enable Live Inputs

  1. Enable Live Inputs in the Settings Menu under Live View.
  2. Type in the number of available live inputs you wish to have available.

Then, Select your Inputs

  1. Close the Settings Menu and go to your Live View.
  2. Under the ClipBin area, go to your Live tab.
  3. Click on an empty texture that is less than or equal to the number of Live Inputs you made available.
  4. Open up the Capture Settings menu to select your capture device, capture card, Spout Stream, or NDI feed. (See more info about each one below)

Capture Cards and Devices


Crescent Sun accepts a wide range of Capture Cards which can be used as Video Textures on any Deck. Multiple capture cards can be used at once inside of Crescent Sun. Some of the capture cards and devices which are supported are most USB webcameras, Blackmagic Design, Datapath, AJA, Point Grey, Bluefish devices, and most USB capture cards such as the popular plug-n-play Magewell.

Blackmagic Design:

Crescent Sun, and TouchDesigner (backend), has native support for Blackmagic devices providing better performance and lower latency than WDM/DirectShow Capture devices. Blackmagic Design devices come in PCI-e and USB versions.


Crescent Sun, and TouchDesigner (backend), has native support for Bluefish devices.

USB Capture Devices:

Crescent Sun, and TouchDesigner (backend), supports most USB Capture Devices. Companies like Magewell and AJA makes plug-n-play capture devices which we recommend.

Not seeing your video stream?

  • Make sure your device is visible in your Windows Device Manager, otherwise you may have a hardware issue.
  • If your device is visible in your Windows Device Manager but not Crescent Sun, try restarting Crescent Sun otherwise your capture card may not be supported.
  • If your device is visible in Crescent Sun, but the texture stream is black, make sure you are not using the capture device in any other programs.



Crescent Sun has native support for Spout. Simply type in the Sender Name which was created in the program that is sending Spout, and your texture stream will appear. Spout accesses the same piece of memory as your other program making it extremely efficient for both memory allocation and CPU processing time.



Crescent Sun has native support for NDI. NDI is an IP-based video protocol that can allow for dozens of HD signals to flow through a single (10GB) network switch and port. As of this writing, NDI has a higher latency than most Capture Cards and therefore it is still recommended to using a Capture Card when working on multiple PC's in a live environment.