Console Integration



Crescent Sun supports a new level of lighting integration that gives you full feature access and individual panel control. Every feature in Crescent Sun is mappable to a DMX channel. Every single video panel on stage is also controllable through a lighting console, using our custom fixture profile which treats video panels like a 17-channel light fixture. These features gain you complete control of all of Crescent Sun's features and video panels allowing for new types of video show design.

Learn how to connect and control Crescent Sun with a lighting console in the various sections below.

Connecting your Lighting Console


Crescent Sun receives lighting commands via DMX or Artnet.

For Artnet:

Simply connect a computer running Crescent Sun to your console via the RJ45 ports with an ethernet cable, or through a network switch. The network port of your Crescent Sun computer must be in the same network as your lighting console, just like setting up most other professional device networks.


    • grandMA IP address:
    • Crescent Sun IP address:

For DMX:

Connect a DMX cable from your lighting console to your Crescent Sun computer through a 3rd party DMX-to-USB device. Please refer to the owner manual of the DMX-to-USB device for proper setup.

Verify your Connection


Use the Data Manager to view your live DMX channels of any selected Universe.

Not seeing data?

  • Is your data changing? Crescent Sun is looking for new channel value changes. Try running a wave over 1 or more channels from your console.
  • Make sure your Crescent Sun machine and your lighting console are on the same network.
  • Make sure no other devices on that network share the same IP address.
  • Make sure you can ping your lighting console from your windows operating system.
  • If using an artnet connection, make sure you entered in the correct IP address of Crescent Sun in your lighting console.

Map Features to your Console


The simplest form of Console integration is mapping features of Crescent Sun in to your lighting console. Every feature in Crescent Sun is mappable to allow you to do things like change a Video Clip in a Deck, adjust a parameter on the tile effect, and even navigate to a different View. Every single slider, knob, and button in Crescent Sun is mappable with a simple Learn/Forget tool, for quick setup, and you can save and load this DMX mapping independently from your show file using the Save/Load tool. Some features, such as the Decks, can be mapped as fixtures for a faster setup.


  1. Make sure you have first verified your connection from the previous step before continuing. The Universe information you entered in the Data Manager is your master Universe which the Learn/Forget tool looks for.
  2. Right click on any knob, button, or slider in Crescent Sun to bring up the Learn/Forget tool.
  3. Click on [Learn DMX].
  4. The next channel that changes on your master Universe will be automatically mapped to that feature element.
  5. To Unlearn: Simply right click on the knob, button, or slider again and select the [x] next to [Learn DMX].

Note: Only one DMX channel can be mapped to a single feature element at a time. However, you can map multiple IO devices to a feature element (ie: a MIDI controller, tablet, and console can all be mapped to the same button in Crescent Sun using a most recent received takeover function.

Panel Fixture Control


One of Crescent Sun's powerful features is the ability to map thousands of video panels individually through your console's built in fixture control. With this integration, you can coordinate your light and visual show to a degree that has never before been possible. Whether you want to black out your entire stage at the press of a button, or perform a color and rotation sweep across all light and video fixtures, this engine will allow you to easily program your video panels like light fixtures without the need for expensive and time consuming programming and rendering. Create shows nobody has ever seen before in a workflow you are already familiar with.


  1. Make sure you have first verified your DMX connection from the previous step before continuing.
  2. Click on a Video Fixture such as a Panel or Group, to open up its Attributes.
  3. Enter in the DMX network address for that video fixture (Net, Subnet, Universe, Start Channel) under the Other Attribute Section.

As you enter in the correct DMX value, your console will instantly take control of your panel channels. Usually, this is turning your panel black because you are likely sending it an Opacity (Intensity) value of 0.

View your Crescent Sun Fixture Profiles here.