Clip Bin


Grid view format storage and navigation for Video File Textures, Generative Textures, and Capture Feed Textures. Textures can be click-dragged from the Clip Bin into Decks. Video Files can be added by dragging them from Windows Explorer into the Clip Bin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For optimal performance, make sure all of the clips that you import into Crescent Sun are in the HAP or HAPQ formats. A TouchDesigner based converter is available for download here.

Clip Bin Menus

Manage Files and Folders

View and delete groups of clips that have been imported into the Clip Bin.

Open Windows Explorer

Opens Windows Explorer.

Capture Settings

Opens Capture Settings menu for Live Inputs. Press again to hide the menu.

Tag Control

Tag List

List of current Tags, which can be used to sort what is visible in the clip bin. Clips can be added to a tag by dragging them from the Clip List into a Tag. Clips imported by being dragged and dropped into the clip list show up in ALL, but clips that are imported by dragging and dropping directly on a Tag will automatically be given that Tag.

Add New Tag

Adds a new Tag to the Tag List.

Delete Tags

Gives the option to either delete all user-made tags, or to delete the selected user tag. Clips can also be click-dragged into this button to have their tags removed.

Clip List

A complete list of imported clips, sorted by your currently selected tag. Hovering the mouse over clips that are Video Textures allows you to scrub preview the clip, with the left side of the preview corresponding to the start of the clip, and the right side corresponding to the end. Clips can be selected as well as multi-selected with the shift and control keys.